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Cord Conundrums: 5 Tips to Setting up Your Home Entertainment System

When you’re sitting in your living room, you want to be comfortable. That would include while you’re watching television or watching a movie. A home entertainment system offers a way for you to keep your television, any game systems, and other electronics in one place. However, the cords that lead to all of these components might be troublesome if you don’t have a way to keep them out of sight and in one place. There are a few tips to setting up your entertainment area that will keep your cords maintained in a few simple steps.

The Right Cable

When you begin connecting devices to each other and to the television, you need to have the right cables. Some of them might allow you to connect multiple things together using only one or two cords instead of multiple cords. This will cut down on the jumbled mess that you tend to see behind the entertainment system.

There are different materials to choose from and different thicknesses, which can also help to keep your cords from getting tangled if they are thinner. A swivel HDMI coupler can be used to connect multiple cords at one time instead of bending them to get them to plug into the right spot.

Color Coding

Keep your cords separated by putting a piece of colored tape on each one. When you remove an electronic device, you will know which cord goes to it by looking for the tape. This organization method also allows you to see which cord might be unplugged or which one might be damaged if a system isn’t working properly.

Power Strips

A power strip is a beneficial item for your entertainment system. You can plug multiple items into the strip at one time, and it will take some of the power off of the circuit for the receptacle. It can also help to eliminate a power surge if there is an outage with the electricity. Place the strip on the wall so that the cords are out of the way when they are plugged into the device. Work with a cord company like Americord to be sure you have the best solution for you.


Whether it’s the television cord or the cord for the VCR, write a label for every device and cord. This will help you keep track of exactly where everything is located behind the entertainment system. It’s similar to color-coding, but it’s easier to know immediately which cord is connected to which device instead of trying to remember a color.

Tying Everything in Place

Get a few zip ties, and tie each cord so that it doesn’t flow freely on the floor. After all of the cords have ties on them, attach them to the back of the entertainment center. Velcro works well with this method of organization. You could also use tape if you don’t have anything else available.

Keeping the cords from taking over your entertainment center can be a challenge. It seems like they are always jumbled together or leading in every direction. With a little organization, you can keep all of your cords from getting mixed together while keeping track of which cord goes to which device.